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Title: Thermophysical properties of biofuel components derived from biomass
Authors: Nduli, Mbalenhle B. 
Issue Date: 2016
The thermophysical properties of the binary mixtures containing biofuel components derived from biomass were determined. Experimental densities, speed of sound, and refractive indices for the binary mixtures (methanol or 1-ethyl-3-methylimidazolium acetate [EMIM][OAc] + furfural or furfuryl alcohol ) were measured at T = (298.15, 303.15, 308.15, 313.15 and 318.15)
K. From the experimental data, excess molar volume, E m V , isentropic compressibility, s  , molar refractions, R, and deviation in refractive index, Δn, were calculated. The excess molar volumes were found to be negative for all systems studied. The isentropic compressibility were found to be both positive for the whole composition and temperature range and increases
slightly with increasing temperature.
The deviation in refractive index was positive over the whole composition range. The obtained values of excess molar volumes and changes of refractive index on mixing were satisfactorily correlated by the Redlich–Kister equation. The Lorentz–Lorenz equation was applied to predict the density and calculate the excess molar volume of the binary mixtures.
Submitted in fulfillment of the academic requirements of the degree of Master of Applied Sciences (Chemistry), Durban University of Technology, Durban, South Africa, 2016.
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