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15-Feb-2022Career development for female academics in Australian and South African universities: an integrative reviewKanyumba, Blessing; Lourens, Melanie
15-Nov-2021An interdisciplinary approach to address environmental issues: effects of knowledge, attitudes, perception and gender differencesKhan, Samira ; Lourens, Melanie; Antriyandarti, Ernoiz ; Patra, Bikash ; Purohit, Tanushri ; Sharma, Sapna 
1-Sep-2020Reflections on the impact of talent management on employee performance: perspectives from ZimbabweMahlahla, Linah; Lourens, Melanie; Oparinde, Kunle
28-Apr-2022Role of machine learning in managing cloud computing securityKumar, Santosh ; S, Nithya ; Prethi, K.N. Apinaya ; Singh, Suraj ; Lourens, Melanie; Patil, Nisha 
1-Nov-2021Talent retention strategies for female academics in the higher education sector: a Sub-Saharan Africa contextKanyumba, Blessing; Lourens, Melanie
28-Apr-2022To understand the critical measures of enhanced security in cloud computing for creating better data protectionLourens, Melanie; Neela, V. ; Jambukesh, H.J. ; Khan, Huma ; Pant, Bhasker