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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Urea-phenol-formaldehyde micro capsules containing linseed oil for self-healing anti corrosive coating applicationsPatil, Deepak ; Rane, Ajay Vasudeo ; Kanny, Krishnan ; Abitha, V.K. ; Sabnis, Anagha 
2016The use of eco efficient criteria in the design of infrastructure projectsSaroop, Shian Hemraj ; Allopi, Dhiren 
2011Use of evaporative coolers for close circuiting of the electroplating processMunsamy, Megashnee 
2018The use of photocatalytic degradation to improve the quality of crude refinery effluentNaidoo, Dushen Bisetty 
2011Use of piezoelectric techniques monitoring continuum damage of structuresNhassengo, Sikhulile Khululeka
Dec-2014Using computational intelligenceSingh, Navin Runjit; Peters-Futre, Edith M.
2015Using system dynamics principles for conceptual modelling to resolve causes of rework in construction projectsAiyetan, Olatunji Ayodeji ; Das, Dillip 
2005Utilisation of Maqalika Reservoir as a source of potable water for Maseru city in LesothoLetsie, Masupha
2012Utilization of ionic liquids for the separation of organic liquids from industrial effluentsMabaso, Mbongeni Hezekia; Redhi, Gan G. ; Moodley, Kandasamy 
2016Vernacular or not? Preliminary thoughts in developing a methodology to understand the imijondoloWhelan, Debbie 
2014A very ordinary power : The evolution of the electrical substation in Pietermaritzburg, 1900-1960Whelan, Debbie 
8-Oct-2015Vibration of a cantillever beam with extended tip mass and axial load subject to piezoeletric controlMoutlana, M. K. ; Adali, Sarp 
Apr-2014Visual assessments of current pavement conditions in the stack areas of Berth 203-205 at the Durban Container Terminal-Pier 2Allopi, Dhiren ; Naicker, Rowen 
2016VLE measurements of ether alcohol blends for investigation on reformulated gasolineBenecke, Travis Pio 
2016What has been done and still needs to be done to skill South Africans to deliver infrastructure projectsChetty, Maggie ; Bird, Adrienne ; Lawless, Allyson