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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2015The need for expansion of the Durban Container TerminalNaicker, Rowen ; Allopi, Dhiren 
2014Neural network modelling and prediction of the flotation deinking behaviour of industrial paper recycling processesPauck, Walter James ; Venditti, Richard ; Pocock, Jon ; Andrew, Jerome Edward 
1999Neural networks approach to process control : the case of processes with long dead timesMcLeod, Charles Meredith
2016Non-revenue water : most suitable business model for water services authorities in South Africa : Ugu District MunicipalityMwelase, Lorraine Thulisile 
Dec-2014Novel-porous-Ag0 nanocomposite hydrogels via green process for advanced antibacterial applicationsVimala, K.; Kanny, Krishnan ; Varaprasad, Kokkarachedu ; Kumar, N. Mithil ; Reddy, Golamari Siva 
2009Object motion detection, extraction and filtering using ANN ensemblesMoorgas, Kevin Emanuel
2005Optimal design of fibre-reinforced laminated plates accounting for manufacturing uncertaintyWalker, Mark 
1996Optimal design of symmetric angle-ply laminates subject to nonuniform buckling loads and in-plane restraintsWalker, Mark ; Adali, Sarp ; Verijenko, Viktor E.
1999Optimal design of symmetric laminates with cut-outs for maximum buckling loadWalker, Mark 
1997Optimal design of symmetrically laminated plates for maximum buckling temperatureWalker, Mark ; Reiss, Talmon; Adali, Sarp ; Verijenko, Viktor E.
1997Optimal design of symmetrically laminated plates for minimum deflection and weightWalker, Mark ; Reiss, Talmon; Adali, Sarp 
2017Optimisation of a hybrid PV-diesel system for rural application : The case of Oluundje village, NamibiaHamatwi, E. ; Nyirenda, C.N. ; Davidson, Innocent E. 
23-Oct-2016Optimisation of a hybrid PV-diesel system for rural application: the case of Oluundje Village, NamibiaHamatwi, E. ; Nyirenda, C. N. ; Davidson, Innocent E. 
2018Optimisation of biodiesel production from Croton Gratissimus oilJiyane, Phiwe Charles 
2015Optimium conditions for the production of sub-micron cobalt powerHareepersad, Andricia 
1998Optimization approach to the frequency design of compensators for nonlinear systems with dead timeStavrou, Marios 
2018Optimization of anaerobic co-digestion of sewage sludge using bio-chemical substratesMadondo, Nhlanganiso Ivan 
2018Optimization of biodiesel production using heterogenous catalyst in a packed bed reactorAyodeji, Olagunju Olusegun 
2017Optimization of irrigation water in South Africa for sustainable and beneficial useIkudayisi, Akinola Mayowa 
1996Optimization of symmetric laminates for maximum buckling load including the effects of bending-twisting couplingWalker, Mark ; Adali, Sarp ; Verijenko, Viktor E.