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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Laboratory optimisation of the carbonatation process with regard to colour removal at the Malelane RefineryMoodley, Manogran
2006Lay-up optimization of multilayered anisotropic cylinders based on a 3-D elasticity solutionTabakov, Pavel Y. ; Summers, E. B.
2015Learning styles, teaching methods, and student performance in industrial engineering at a University of TechnologyJackson, Hester 
2016Lighting up the future of ports with LEDNaicker, Rowen ; Allopi, Dhiren 
2003Logistics CIM modeling and simulationLi, Qingxue 
2017Low friction hybrid nanocomposite material for brake pad applicationGbadeyan, Oluwatoyin Joseph 
2013Machinability study of hybrid nanoclay-glass fibre reinforced polyester compositesPrabhu, P.; Jawahar, P.; Balasubramanian, M.; Mohan, T. P. 
2013Markers of hydration status in a 3-day trail running eventSingh, Navin Runjit; Peters, Edith M.
2015Material characterisation for the modelling of the vacuum infusion processGilpin, Mark 
2015Maximization of hydropower generation from Hazelmere Dam in South AfricaMashiyane, Thulasizwe Innocent ; Olofintoye, Oluwatosin Onaopemipo ; Adeyemo, Josiah 
2015Measuring infrastructure sustainability with the use of eco efficient performance criteriaSaroop, Shian Hemraj ; Allopi, Dhiren 
2013Melt blend studies of nanoclay-filled polypropylene (PP)–high- density polyethylene (HDPE) compositesMohan, T. P. ; Kanny, Krishnan 
15-Apr-2013Membrane fouling characterization in membrane-based septic tankAli, Saadat; Pillay, Visvanathan Lingamurti ; Khan, Sher Jamal; Visvanathan, C.
2000A method for optimally designing laminated plates subject to fatigue loads for minimum weight using a cumulative damage constraintWalker, Mark 
2003Methodologies for the optimal design of fibre-reinforced composite structuresSmith, Ryan Elliot
2006Methodologies for the optimization of fibre-reinforced composite structures with manufacturing uncertaintiesHamilton, Ryan Jason
2005A methodology for optimally designing fibre-reinforced laminated structures with design variable tolerances for maximum buckling strengthWalker, Mark ; Hamilton, Ryan Jason
2003A methodology to design fibre reinforced laminated composite structures for maximum strengthWalker, Mark ; Smith, Ryan E.
2016Microstructural properties of lime stabilized naturally occurring acidic soilBhengu, P.H. ; Allopi, Dhiren 
29-Jan-2013Minimum weight design of beams against failure under uncertain loading by convex analysisRadebe, Isaac Sfiso; Adali, Sarp