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12-Apr-2012Heavy impact on seedlings by the impala suggests a central role in woodland dynamicsO'Kane, Christopher A. J. ; Duffy, Kevin Jan ; Page, Bruce R. ; Macdonald, David W. 
2013Stable isotope turnover and variability in tail hairs of captive and free-ranging African elephants (Loxodonta africana) reveal dietary niche differences within populationsCodron, Jacqueline; Kirkman, Kevin; Duffy, Kevin Jan ; Sponheimer, Matt; Lee-Thorp, Julia A.; Ganswindt, Andre; Clauss, Marcus; Codron, Daryl
Jun-2012Using Maximum Entropy modeling to predict the potential distributions of large trees for conservation planningSmith, Alain; Page, Bruce R. ; Duffy, Kevin Jan ; Slotow, Rob