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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Phenotypic and genotypic characterisation of an unique indigenous hypersaline unicellular cyanobacterium, Euhalothece sp.novMogany, Trisha ; Swalaha, Feroz Mahomed ; Allam, Mushal ; Mtshali, Phillip Senzo ; Ismail, Arshad ; Kumari, Sheena K. ; Bux, Faizal 
2017Polyhydroxyalkanoates production from fermented paperboard mill wastewater using acetate-enriched bacteriaFarghaly, Ahmed Mustafa ; Enitan, Abimbola Motunrayo ; Kumari, Sheena K. ; Bux, Faizal ; Tawfik, Ahmed 
16-Dec-2016Linear Quantum Entropy and Non-Hermitian HamiltoniansSergi, Alessandro ; Giaquinta, Paolo V. 
6-Dec-2016Contribution of wastewater irrigation to Soil Transmitted Helminths infection among vegetable farmers in Kumasi, GhanaAmoah, Isaac Dennis ; Abubakari, Amina ; Stenstrom, Thor Axel ; Abaidoo, Robert Clement ; Seidu, Razak 
Dec-2016Indigenous strategies and empirical models for adaptability of the maize-bean intercropping system to climate changeMapanda, S. ; Chitja, J.M. ; Duffy, Kevin Jan 
18-Oct-2016Sorption isotherms, kinetic and optimization process of amino acid proline based polymer nanocomposite for the removal of selected textile dyes from industrial wastewaterRaghunath, Sharista ; Anand, Krishnan ; Gengan, Robert Moonsamy ; Nayunigari, Mithil Kumar ; Maity, Arjun 
1-Sep-2016Symmetrized exponential oscillatorZnojil, Miloslav 
23-Jun-2016Uptake of inorganic and organic nutrient species during cultivation of a Chlorella Isolate in Anaerobically digested dairy wasteWahal, Shantanu ; Viamajala, Sridhar 
Jun-2016Non-Hermitian Hamiltonian Approach for Electromagnetic Wave Propagation and Dissipation tn Dielectric MediaZloshchastiev, Konstantin G. 
2-Mar-2016Quantum entropy of systems described by non-Hermitian HamiltoniansSergi, Alessandro ; Zloshchastiev, Konstantin G. 
Mar-2016Effect of interaction of methanol leaf extract of Spondias Mombin (Linn) and Amoxicillin on some Diarrheagenic Escherichia coliAdegoke, Anthony Ayodeji ; Aiyegoro, Olayinka A. ; Stenström, Thor-Axel 
2016Evaluation of phytotoxicity effect on selected crops using treated and untreated wastewater from different configurative domestic wastewater plantsRavindran, B. ; Kumari, Sheena K. ; Stenström, Thor-Axel ; Bux, Faizal 
2016Understanding multiple species ecosystem dynamics using a consumer resource modelCollins, Obiora Cornelius ; Duffy, Kevin Jan 
2016A theoretical approach to using faecal indicator data to model norovirus concentration in surface water for QMRA: Glomma River, NorwayPetterson, Susan R. ; Stenström, Thor-Axel ; Ottoson, Jakob 
2016Identifying stability conditions and Hopf bifurcations in a consumer resource model using a consumption thresholdDuffy, Kevin Jan ; Collins, Obiora Cornelius 
2016Quantum-statistical approach to electromagnetic wave propagation and dissipation inside dielectric media and nanophotonic and plasmonic waveguidesZloshchastiev, Konstantin G. 
2016Pathways of 3-biofules (hydrogen, ethanol and methane) production from petrochemical industry wastewater via anaerobic packed bed baffled reactor inoculated with mixed culture bacteriaElreedy, Ahmed ; Tawfik, Ahmed ; Enitan, Abimbola Motunrayo ; Kumari, Sheena K. ; Bux, Faizal 
2016Dual role of Chlorella sorokiniana and Scenedesmus obliquus for comprehensive wastewater treatment and biomass production for bio-fuelsGupta, Sanjay Kumar ; Ansari, Faiz Ahmad ; Shriwastav, Amritanshu ; Sahoo, Narendra Kumar ; Rawat, Ismail ; Bux, Faizal 
2016Cultivation of Chlorella pyrenoidosa in outdoor open raceway pond using domestic wastewater as medium in arid desert regionDahmani, Siham ; Zerrouki, Djamal ; Ramanna, Luveshan ; Rawat, Ismail ; Bux, Faizal 
28-Sep-2015Optimal control of maize foliar diseases using the plants population dynamicsCollins, Obiora Cornelius ; Duffy, Kevin Jan