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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Determination of the heterotrophic and autotrophic active biomass during activated sludge respirometric batch assays using molecular techniquesIsmail, Arshad
2016Determination of the relationship between epiphytes and selected filamentous bacteria in activated sludgeConco, Thobela 
2014Development and optimization of remedial measures to control filamentous bacteria in a full-scale biological nutrient removal plantDeepnarain, Nashia 
2001Elucidation of microbiological-biochemical relationships in denitrification occurring during activated sludge treatmentDrysdale, Gavin David
2006Elucidation of the microbial community structure within a laboratory scale activated sludge process using molecular techniquesPadayachee, Pamela
2016Evaluation of biohydrogen production potential of sugarcane bagasse using activated sludge in a dark fermentation processReddy, Karen 
2016Evaluation of seasonal impacts on nitrifiers and nitrification performance of a full-scale activated sludge systemAwolusi, Oluyemi Olatunji 
2011Microbial community analysis of a laboratory-scale biological process for the treatment of vegetable oil effluentDegenaar, Adrian Phillip
2005Molecular analyses of pure cultures of filamentous bacteria isolated from activated sludgeNaidoo, Dashika
2007Molecular characterization of filamentous bacteria isolated from full-scale activated sludge processesMarrengane, Zinhle
2003Optimisation of food to microorganism ratios during activated sludge respirometric batch assaysIsmail, Arshad Abdool Hak 
2004Physiological and biochemical evaluation of pure cultures of problematic filamentous bacteria isolated from activated sludgeRamothokang, Tshireletso R.