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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Fabrication of electrochemical biosensors for the determination of phenolic compounds by experimental and computational methodsKunene, Kwanele Winterose 
2018Food consumption patterns and nutritional risks of women in low and middle income communities in KwaNdengenzi, KwaZulu-NatalGumede, Sthembile 
2018Density, speed of sound, refractive index and activity coefficients at infinite dilution for ionic liquidsMgxadeni, Ncomeka 
2018The effects of laccase and xanthan gum on the quality of glutten-free amadumbe breadSeke, Faith 
2018Screening of traditional South African leafy vegetables for selected anti-nutrient factors before and after processingEssack, Humaira 
2018Evaluating the sustainability of waste substrates for microalgal biomass production using different modes of cultivationRamsundar, Prathana 
2018Isolation, characterization and biological activities of terpenoids from Gunnera perpensaMammo, Fitsum K. 
2018Synthesis, characterization and application of novel ionic liquidsArumugam, Vasanthakumar 
2018Interaction studies of nanomaterials with plasma protein using experimental and computational methodsSabela, Myalowenkosi Innocent 
2018Fabrication of sensors for the sensitive electrochemical detection of anti-tuberculosis drugsChokkareddy, Rajasekhar 
2018Synthesis of nitrogen heterocycles and chalcones using multi-component reactions : a spectral and protein binding investigationMurugesan, Arul 
2018Utilization of shrimp waste for the recovery of valuable bioactive compoundsDlamini, Nosihle 
Aug-2017Determining the efficiency of the anammox process for the treatment of high- ammonia influent wastewaterGokal, Jashan 
2017Synthesis of amine-epoxy based polymers and their potential application in the remediation of selected organic dyes from synthetic effluentsRaghunath, Sharista 
2017Relationship between diet quality, nutrition status and academic performance of first and non-first generation university students in DurbanNdlovu, Ntombenhle Pretty 
2017Relationship between physical activity with dietary intake and nutritional status of adolescent girls attending a private school in DurbanWatson, Roxanne 
2017Use of 1-ethyl-3-methylimidazolium ethyl sulfate for liquid-liquid equilibria for ternary mixturesMohale, Tshepang 
2017Computational and experimental studies of putative virulence factors of Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37RvShahbaaz, Mohd 
2017Active targeting of cancer cells using gemcitabine conjugated platinum nanoparticlesOdayar, Kriya 
2017Mitigation of carbon dioxide from synthetic flue gas using indigenous microalgaeBhola, Virthie Kemraj