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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Nanocluster formation in Co/Fe implanted ZnOBharuth-Ram, Krish ; Masenda, Hilary ; Doyle, Terence B. ; Geburt, S. ; Ronning, C. 
20-Mar-2012Nonlinear low-frequency structures in an electron–positron–ion plasmaMoola, S. ; Lazarus, Ian Joseph ; Bharuthram, R. 
16-May-2016Nonlinear ordinary differential equations : a discussion on symmetries and singularitiesPaliathanasis, Andronikos ; Leach, P. G. L 
30-Nov-2012Nonlinear, stationary electrostatic ion cyclotron waves : exact solutions for solitons, periodic waves, and wedge shaped waveformsRajah, Surversperi Suryakumari; Doyle, T. B.; McKenzie, J. F.
Dec-2012A novel alkaloid, four alkaloid precursors and a coumarin from Feronia limoniaPitchai, P.; Ulagi, R.; Mohan, P. S.; Gengan, Robert Moonsamy
22-Jun-2015Novel Dithiocarbamates for electrochemical detection of Nickel (II) in environmental samplesNiranjan, T. ; Kanchi, Suvardhan ; Bisetty, Krishna ; Naidu, N. Venkatasubba 
2015Nutritional adequacy of menus offered to children of 2 to 5 years in registered child care facilities in InandaNzama, Phindile Favourite
30-Jul-2013Nutritional status and dietary intake of adolescent girls in Mandlenkosi High School, LindelaniSilangwe, Beauty Nontuthuzelo
2003Nutritional value of traditional leafy vegetables in Kwa-Zulu NatalBeekrum, Sharlynn 
2018Nutritional, antioxidant and metagenomic analysis of 'superfoods' produced with sprouted soybeansOyedeji, Ajibola Bamikole 
2-Sep-2014Nutritional, physico-chemical and sensory characteristics of a pearl millet-based instant beverage powderObilana, Anthony Olusegun
2019Occurrence of vancomycin resistant enterococci (VRE) in two Durban wastewater treatment plants for effluent reuseMadu, Chibuzor Ezinne 
20-Apr-2010Ochratoxins--food contaminants : impact on human healthReddy, Lalini ; Bhoola, Kanti
10-Apr-2016On the Hojman conservation quantities in CosmologyPaliathanasis, Andronikos ; Leach, P. G. L. ; Capozziello, Salvatore 
2013A one pot microwave assisted synthesis of 3-acyl-2,4-dihydroxyquinoline followed by synthesis of 7-methyldibenzo[c,f][2,7]naphthyridin-6(5H)-ones via three routesPitchai, P.; Uvarani, C.; Gengan, Robert Moonsamy; Mohan, P. S.
2003Optimisation of edible oil effluent degredation by microorganismsSurujlal, Swastika 
2003Optimisation of food to microorganism ratios during activated sludge respirometric batch assaysIsmail, Arshad Abdool Hak 
2010Optimisation of HPLC-based methods for the separation and detection of herbicide glyphosate and its major metabolite in waterMadikizela, Lawrence Mzukisi 
8-Aug-2014Optimization of culture conditions and extraction method for phycocyanin production from a hypersaline cyanobacteriumMogany, Trisha
2010Optimization of riboflavin production by fungi on edible oil effluentSwalaha, Feroz Mahomed