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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2016Effect of Amaranth addition on the nutritional composition and consumer acceptability of extruded provitamin A-biofortified maize snacksBeswa, Daniso ; Dlamini, Nomusa Rhoda ; Siwela, Muthulisi ; Amonsou, Eric Oscar ; Kolansi, Unathi 
2017Effect of bacteriophage control and artificial neural networks prediction in the inactivation of Listeria monocytogenes on fresh produceOladunjoye, Adebola Olubukola 
2015Effect of internal woven roller shade and glazing on the energy and daylighting performances of an office building in the cold climate of ShillongSingh, Ramkishore ; Lazarus, Ian Joseph ; Kishore, V.V.N. 
2015The effect of mutations near the T1 copper site on the biochemical characteristics of the small laccase from Streptomyces coelicolor A3(2)Prins, Alaric ; Kleinsmidt, L. ; Khan, Nuraan ; Kirby, Bronwyn ; Kudanga, Tukayi ; Vollmer, Jannik ; Pleiss, Juergen ; Burton, Stephanie ; Le Roes-Hill, Marilize 
2018Effect of pectin and emulsifiers on quality and stability of wheat composite breadAjibade, Betty Olusola 
7-Aug-2014The effect of seasonal food variety and dietary diversity on the nutritional status of a rural community in KZNNsele, Nelisiwe
14-Jun-2014Effect of temperature on density, sound velocity, refractive index and their derived properties for the binary systems (heptanoic acid + propanoic or butanoic acids)Bahadur, Indra ; Naidoo, Paramespri ; Singh, Sangeeta ; Ramjugernath, Deresh ; Deenadayalu, Nirmala 
15-Mar-2013The effect of thermal processing on fumonisin B1 (FB1) levels in maize-based foodsOdhav, Bharti ; Mohanlall, Viresh; Mohanlall, Rakesh
2018The effects of laccase and xanthan gum on the quality of glutten-free amadumbe breadSeke, Faith 
Dec-2016Efficient catalytic activity of ionic liquid-supported NiFe2O4 magnetic nanoparticle doped Titanium Dioxide nano-compositeVasanthakumar, Arumugam ; Redhi, Gan G. ; Gengan, Robert Moonsamy 
2015Elemental determination of lubricating grease using ICP-OESMarume, Cathrine
2001Elucidation of microbiological-biochemical relationships in denitrification occurring during activated sludge treatmentDrysdale, Gavin David
2006Elucidation of the microbial community structure within a laboratory scale activated sludge process using molecular techniquesPadayachee, Pamela
22-Feb-2016Emission Mössbauer spectroscopy study of fluence dependence of paramagnetic relaxation in Mn/Feimplanted ZnOMasenda, Hilary ; Geburt, S. ; Bharuth-Ram, Krish ; Naidoo, D. ; Gunnlaugsson, H.P. ; Johnston, K. ; Mantovan, R. ; Mølholt, Torben Esmann ; Ncube, M. ; Shayestehaminzadeh, S. ; Gíslason, H.P. ; Langouche, G. ; Ólafsson, S. ; Ronning, C. 
Dec-2015Energy and daylighting performances of highly glazed buildingsSingh, Ramkishore ; Lazarus, Ian Joseph 
2010Enhanced production of inulinase from Xanthomonas campestris pv. phaseoliNaidoo, Kameshnee 
2016Enhanced production of N-acetyl-d-neuraminic acid by whole-cell bio-catalysis of Escherichia coliZhou, Junbo ; Chen, Xianzhong ; Lu, Liping ; Govender, Algasan ; Haiquan, Yang ; Shen, Wie 
1999An environmental study to examine the distribution of selected airborne metals in the greater Chatsworth areaGovender, Suendharan 
2018Enzymatic modification of amadumbe flour for gluten-free applicationsManhivi, Vimbainashe Edina 
2016Enzymatic saccharification of acid/alkali pre-treated, millrun, and depithed sugarcane bagasseMkhize, Thandeka, Y. ; Mthembu, Lethiwe Debra ; Gupta, Rishi ; Kaur, Amandeep ; Kuhad, Ramesh Chander ; Reddy, Prashant ; Deenadayalu, Nirmala