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Title: Optimisation of a hybrid PV-diesel system for rural application: the case of Oluundje Village, Namibia
Authors: Hamatwi, E. 
Nyirenda, C. N. 
Davidson, Innocent E. 
Keywords: Photovoltaics;PV-diesel hybrid system;Optimisation;HOMER software
Issue Date: 23-Oct-2016
Publisher: University of Namibia
Source: Hamatwi, E., Nyirenda, C. N. and Davidson, I. E. 2016. Optimisation of a hybrid PV-diesel system for rural application: the case of Oluundje Village, Namibia. International Science and Technology Journal of Namibia. 9: 3-19.
Abstract: The absence of electricity in remote and rural areas is one of the major challenges faced by many poor and developing countries. Hybrid energy systems (HES) based on photovoltaics (PV) are considered to be an e ective option to electrify remote and isolated areas, which are far from conventional grids. This is true for areas that receive high averages of solar radiation annually. This research investigation involves the mod-elling, simulation and optimization of a PV-Diesel hybrid system for Oluundje village in Namibia. A site survey was conducted in a form of questionnaires and interviews for the purpose of load forecasting and system modelling. HOMER software was used to design and model the proposed hybrid energy system. Costs of di erent components, hourly solar radiation, and rating parameters are inputs of the simulation program. Sensitivity analysis was carried out using Homer. The optimal PV-Diesel hybrid sys-tem and diesel-generator-only system were compared both technically and economically. Based on simulation results, it was found that electrifying a remote village using a PV-diesel hybrid system is more advantageous when compared to the diesel-generator-only system as it has lower operating costs and emissions. This system may be used as a preliminary design to guide in the planning and modelling of similar systems for other remote villages.
ISSN: 2026-7673
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