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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016High prevalence of cardiovascular risk factors in Durban South African Indians: The Phoenix Lifestyle ProjectPrakaschandra, Dorcas Rosaley ; Esterhuizen, T.M. ; Motala, Ayesha A. ; Gathiram, P. ; Naidoo, Datshana Prakash 
2014Homeopathic health care in a low-income housing estate in Durban : possibilities for a Plural Health Care Model in South AfricaErwin, Kira ; Marks, Monique Michal ; Couchman, Ingrid Marcelline Stephanie 
Jan-2014Homeopathic pathogenetic trials and provings: the need for harmonized guidelinesJansen, Jean Pierre ; Ross, Ashley Hilton Adrian 
22-Aug-2013Human immunodeficiency virus and hepatitis B or C co-infection in KwaZulu-Natal: a retrospective analysis of a laboratory databaseJinabhai, Champaklall; Tathiah, Nerisha; Parboosing, Raveen ; Singh, Lavanya; Moodley, Pravi
2016Impact of headaches on university students in Durban, South AfricaBasdav, Jyotika ; Haffejee, Firoza ; Puckree, Threethambal 
17-Dec-2013The impact of hygiene and localised treatment on the quality of drinking water in Masaka, RwandaUwimpuhwe, Monique ; Reddy, Poovendhree ; Barratt, Graham James ; Bux, Faizal 
23-Aug-2014Injury incidence and balance in Rugby playersJaco, Ras M.; Puckree, Threethambal 
Mar-2015Injury prevalence, stability and balance among female adolescent soccer playersPuckree, Threethambal ; Koenig, Jean-Pierre 
Jun-2014Injury profiles in junior rugby academy players : sport science and medicineRas, J. ; Puckree, Threethambal 
2015Integrating cervical cancer prevention initiatives with HIV care in resource-constrained settings: A formative study in Durban, South AfricaPorts, Katie A. ; Haffejee, Firoza ; Mosavel, Maghboeba ; Rameshbabu, Anjali 
2016Interaction between ambient pollutant exposure, CD14 (-159) polymorphism and respiratory outcomes among children in Kwazulu-Natal, DurbanMakamure, Michelle T. ; Reddy, Poovendhree ; Chuturgoon, Anil A. ; Naidoo, Rajen N. ; Mentz, Graciela ; Batterman, Stuart ; Robins, Thomas G. 
Sep-2012Introduction of a blended teaching strategy in an occupational health nursing education programmeOrton, Penelope Margaret; Nokes, Kathleen M.
2016Knowledge and attitudes about HIV infection and prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV in an urban, low income community in Durban, South Africa: Perspectives of residents and health care volunteersHaffejee, Firoza ; Ports, Katie A. ; Mosavel, Maghboeba 
2016Knowledge and attitudes about HIV infection and prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV in an urban, low income community in Durban, South Africa: Perspectives of residents and health care volunteersPorts, Katie A. ; Mosavel, Maghboeba ; Haffejee, Firoza 
2017Knowledge, attitude and practices of South African healthcare professionals towards complementary and alternative medicine use for atopic eczema – a descriptive surveyThandar, Yasmeen ; Botha, Julia ; Sartorius, Benn ; Mosam, Anisa 
2016Legitimating supervision from different academic territories : an auto-ethnographic accountVahed, Anisa 
2016Linking the ‘know-that’ and ‘know-how’ knowledge through games : a quest to evolve the future for science and engineering educationVahed, Anisa ; McKenna, Sioux ; Singh, Shalini 
2014Lipid extracted algae as a source for protein and reduced sugar: a step closer to the biorefineryAnsari, Faiz Ahmad ; Rawat, Ismail ; Guldhe, Abhishek ; Bux, Faizal ; Shriwastav, Amritanshu ; Gupta, Sanjay Kumar 
Mar-2013Manipulative and multimodal therapy for upper extremity and temporomandibular disorders : a systematic reviewKorporaal, Charmaine Maria ; Tong, Victor; Pollard, Henry; Robb, Andrew; Pribicevic, Mario; Bonnefin, Debra; Cassa, Tammy Kay ; Brantingham, James W. 
2015Manipulative therapy and rehabilitation for recurrent ankle sprain with functional instability: a short-term, assessor-blind, parallel-group randomized trialLubbe, Danella ; Lakhani, E. ; Parkin-Smith, G.F.; Globe, G.A.; Brantingham, James W. ; Cassa, Tammy Kay ; Korporaal, Charmaine Maria