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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Oct-2010Achieving prehospital analgesiaCastle, Nick; Naidoo, Raveen 
2012Acknowledging the other …Winfield, Jacqueline Ann
2016African leafy vegetables as bio-factories for silver nanoparticles : a case study on Amaranthus dubius C Mart. Ex ThellSigamoney, M. ; Shaik, S. ; Govender, P. ; Naidu Krishna, Suresh 
2016An analysis of patients transported by a private helicopter emergency medical service in South AfricaMuhlbauer, Dagmar ; Naidoo, Raveen ; Hardcastle, T.C. 
2012An analysis of the need for accredited training on the administration of intravenous contrast media by radiographers : results of an online surveySwindon, Lynda ; Friedrich-Nel, Hesta; Isaacs, Ferial; Munro, Leonie
2015Antidiabetic potential of Brachylaena discolorMellem, John Jason ; Baijnath, Himansu ; Odhav, Bharti 
3-Feb-2014Antimicrobial and antioxidant activities of substituted halogenated coumarinsKasumbwe, K.; Venugopala, Katharigatta Narayanaswamy ; Mohanlall, Viresh; Odhav, Bharti 
Feb-2014Antimicrobial and antioxidant activities of substituted halogenated coumarinsKasumbwe, K.; Venugopala, Katharigatta Narayanaswamy ; Mohanlall, Viresh; Odhav, Bharti 
2016Are common polymorphisms of the Lipoprotein Lipase and human Paraoxonase-1 Genes Associated with the metabolic syndrome in South African Asian Indians?Prakaschandra, Dorcas Rosaley ; Gordon, Michelle ; Naidoo, Datshana Prakash 
2009Are point-of-decision prompts in a sports science and medicine centre effective in changing the prevalence of stair usage? : a preliminary studyPillay, Julian David ; Kolbe-Alexander, Tracy ; Achmat, Masturah; Carstens, Madelaine; Lambert, Estelle V. 
2013An assessment of Erythropoietin levels in haemodialysis patients in Addington Hospital Durban, South AfricaAdam, Jamila Khatoon ; Benjamin, Sherilene Cheryl ; Assounga, A. G.; Rmaih, Wafaa
2015Assessment of the use of the new maternity case record in improving the quality of ante natal care in eThekwini District, KwaZulu-NatalSibiya, Maureen Nokuthula ; Cele, Reginah Jabulisile ; Ngxongo, Thembelihle Sylvia Patience 
2015The association between daily steps and health, and the mediating role of body composition : a pedometer-based, cross-sectional study in an employed South African populationPillay, Julian David ; Van der Ploeg, Hidde P.; Kolbe-Alexander, Tracy L.; Proper, Karin I.; Van Stralen, Maartje; Tomaz, Simone A.; van Mechelen, Willem ; Lambert, Estelle V. 
Dec-2014Balance and stability-focused exercise program improves stability and balance in patients after acute stroke in a resource-poor settingPuckree, Threethambal ; Naidoo, Pooveshni 
Dec-2015Biomedical applications and toxicity of nanosilver : a reviewNaidu, K. S. B. ; Govender, Patrick; Adam, Jamila Khatoon 
2015Biosynthesis of bimetallic Au-Ag nanoparticles using Ocimum basilicum (L.) with antidiabetic and antimicrobial propertiesMalapermal, Veshara ; Mbatha, Joyce Nonhlanhla ; Gengan, Robert Moonsamy ; Anand, Krishnan 
2015Calories and steps! How many days of walking/hiking in the Himalayas does ONE Christmas lunch translate to?Pillay, Julian David ; Brown, W. 
Sep-2013Carbon utilization profile of a thermophilic fungus, Thermomyces lanuginosus using phenotypic microarrayMchunu, Nokuthula Peace; Permaul, Kugen ; Alam, Maqsudul; Singh, Suren 
Nov-2014Cervical cancer screening among University students in South Africa : a theory based studyHoque, Muhammad Ehsanu ; Ghuman, Shanaz ; Coopoosmay, Roger; Hal, Guido Van
Jun-2014Challenges of Directly Observed Treatment Strategy implementation in eThekwini Municipality, South AfricaRajagopaul, Althea; Reddy, Poovendhree ; Kistnasamy, Emilie Joy