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Title: An analysis of some problem areas facing first year typing technology students at technikons, with particular reference to Technikon Mangosuthu, and suggestions for their resolution
Authors: Botha, Martina Alfreda
Issue Date: 1993
Secretaries form a very important component of the labour market in South Africa, therefore appropriate education and training in this field is essential. It is only in the last decade that young black people have entered this career path. ~ ';4~ ,':'l.!. To meet the needs of employers, Technikon Mangosuthu introduced National secretarial courses in 1982. Of the first twenty students ~ho enrolled, only six were successful in completing the course. They were eagerly snapped up by employers who expressed great satisfaction with their work. It became clear during the course of training the students, that they had numerous problems which hampered their progress. Their English ability was not up to the standard required for this level of study. Students had serious difficulties in adapting to the use of electronic office equipment. Socio-economic problems also contributed to the students' inability to succeed in their studies. The problems seemed insurmountable. It was clear that positive steps needed to be taken to improve the situation. This dissertation is concerned with the education of secretarial students at Technikon Mangosuthu and investigates the backgrounds of students at six technikons in an attempt to identify problems and their causes with the aim of alleviating these problems and providing the labour market with well trained, efficient secretaries. Typing Technology is a major subject in the three year National Secretarial Diploma. This subject, in keeping with the development of modern technology, comprises three components: Typing Techniques, Word Processing and Audio Typing. To pass this subject, a high level of proficiency is required. The students at Technikon Mangosuthu come from a non-technological and socially disadvantaged background and the initial introduction to office technology comes as a cultural shock to them. Lecturers need to assist students in making the transition as quickly and easily as possible by identifying problems and adapting methods of teaching to help students overcome the problems.
Dissertation submitted in compliance with the requirements for the Master's Diploma in Technology: Education, Technikon Natal, Durban, South Africa, 1993.
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