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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2015Impact of anisotropic stresses during dissipative gravitational collapseReddy, Kevin P.; Govender, Megandhren; Maharaj, Sunil 
2014Impact of Building and Refrigeration System’s Parameters on Energy Consumption in the Potato Cold StorageSingh, Ramkishore ; Lazarus, Ian Joseph ; Singh, S. P. 
Jun-2012Improvement of d-lactate productivity in recombinant Escherichia coli by coupling production with growthZhou, Li; Tian, Kang-Ming; Niu, Dan-Dan; Shen, Wei ; Shi, Fui-Yang; Singh, Suren ; Wang, Zheng-Xiang 
Mar-2012Improvement of ethanol production from sugarcane molasses through enhanced nutrient supplementation using Saccharomyces cerevisiaeNofemele, Zuko; Shukla, Pratyoosh; Trussler, Arthur; Permaul, Kugen ; Singh, Suren 
8-Oct-2013Improving the feasibility of producing biofuels from microalgae using wastewaterRawat, Ismail ; Bhola, Virthie ; Ranjith Kumar, R. 
2016Improving the survival of probiotic in simulated conditions and azoxymethane-induced colon tumour bearing mice using modified citrus pectin-alginate microencapsulationOdun-Ayo, Frederick Oluwasheyi ; Mellem, John Jason ; Reddy, Lalini 
2015In silico approaches for the identification of virulence candidates amongst hypothetical proteins of Mycoplasma pneumoniae 309Shahbaaz, Mohd ; Bisetty, Krishna ; Ahmad, Faizan ; Hassan, Md. Imtaiyaz 
Apr-2017Inactivation of heat adapted and chlorine adapted Listeria monocytogenes ATCC 7644 on tomatoes using sodium dodecyl sulphate, levulinic acid and sodium hypochlorite solutionIjabadeniyi, Oluwatosin Ademola ; Mnyandu, Elizabeth 
Jun-2014Inactivation of Listeria monocytogenes ATCC7 644 Biofilms using Sodium Dodecyl Sulphate, Levulinic Acid and Sodium Hypochlorite solutionSingh, Suren ; Mnyandu, Elizabeth; Oluwatosin Ademola Ijabadeniyi
2016Industrial application of ionic liquids for the recoveries of spent paint solventMoodley, Kandasamy ; Mabaso, Mbongeni Hezekia ; Bahadur, Indra ; Redhi, Gan G. 
2016Influence of epoxy group in 2-pyrrolidonium ionic liquid interactions and thermo-physical properties with Ethanoic or Propanoic acid at various temperaturesVasanthakumar, Arumugam ; Redhi, Gan G. ; Gengan, Robert Moonsamy 
2016Influence of temperature on molecular interactions of imidazolium-based ionic liquids with acetophenone: thermodynamic properties and quantum chemical studiesBahadur, Indra ; Masilo, Kgomotso ; Ebenso, Eno, E. ; Redhi, Gan G. 
2015Influence of the alkyl group on thermophysical properties of carboxylic acids in 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium thiocyanate ionic liquid at various temperaturesRedhi, Gan G. ; Ebenso, Eno E. ; Singh, Suren ; Bahadur, Indra ; Ramjugernath, Deresh 
Dec-2014Innovative pedagogy: implications of genetic decompositions for problem solving in management coursesBrijlall, Deonarain 
2015Instability of ferromagnetic nanoclusters in Fe implanted amorphous SiO2Bharuth-Ram, Krish ; Doyle, Terence B. ; Zhang, Kun ; Masenda, Hilary ; Hofsäss, Hans 
2016Integrated collector storage solar water heaters : survey and recent developmentsSouliotis, Manolis ; Singh, Ramkishore ; Papaefthimiou, Spiros ; Lazarus, Ian Joseph ; Andriosopoulos, K. 
2014Interaction and cytotoxicity of compounds with human cell linesSingh, Rishan
2013Interaction between high- and low-frequency wavesMcKenzie, J. F.
19-Aug-2016International Union of CrystallographyBairagi, Keshab M. ; Venugopala, Katharigatta Narayanaswamy ; Mondal, Pradip Kumar ; Odhav, Bharti ; Nayak, Susanta K. 
Jan-2014Interstitial Fe in MgOMølholt, Torben Esmann ; Mantovan, R. ; Gunnlaugsson, H.P. ; Svane, A. ; Masenda, Hilary ; Naidoo, D. ; Bharuth-Ram, Krish ; Fanciulli, M. ; Gíslason, H.P. ; Johnston, K. ; Langouche, G. ; Ólafsson, S. ; Sielemann, R. ; Weyer, G.