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11-Oct-2017Investigating relationship between Accounting students’ learning style preferences and their academic performance at a University of Technology in South AfricaCekiso, Madoda ; Arends, Jeffery ; Mkabile, Bulelwa ; Meyiwa, Thenjiwe 
Mar-2017Complete group classification of systems of two nonlinear second-Order ordinary differential equations of the form y′′=F(y)Oguis, Giovanna Fae Ruiz ; Moyo, Sibusiso ; Meleshko, S. V. 
7-Nov-2016A cluster-randomized controlled trial to reduce Diarrheal disease and dengue entomological risk factors in rural primary schools in ColombiaOvergaard, Hans J. ; Alexander, Neal ; Matiz, María Inés ; Jaramillo, Juan Felipe ; Olano, Victor Alberto ; Vargas, Sandra Lucía ; Sarmiento, Diana ; Lenhart, Audrey ; Stenström, Thor-Axel 
Nov-2016Optimal control intervention strategies using an n-patch waterborne disease modelCollins, Obiora Cornelius ; Duffy, Kevin Jan 
Oct-2016Institutional research in higher education in South Africa: looking aheadWebber, Karen ; Muller, Nicole Jacqueline ; Botha, Jan 
Oct-2016Institutional research units in higher education institutions in South AfricaMuller, Nicole Jacqueline ; Langa, Sipho ; Dlamini, Philiswa 
Oct-2016The history of the Southern African Association for institutional researchChetty, Yuraisha ; Bleazard, David ; Naicker, Rajan ; Visser, Herman 
3-Jul-2016Water security in South Africa: perceptions on public expectations and municipal obligations, governance and water re-useSershen, S.; Rodda, N.; Stenström, Thor-Axel ; Schmidt, S.; Dent, M.; Bux, Faizal ; Hanke, N.; Buckley, C. A.; Fennemore, C. 
3-Jun-2016Community-based tourism: From a local to a global pushGiampiccoli, Andrea ; Saayman, Melville 
26-May-2016Are ‘Albergo Diffuso’ and community-based tourism the answers to community development in South Africa?Giampiccoli, Andrea ; Saayman, Melville ; Jugmohan, Sean 
Apr-2016Detection of all four dengue serotypes in Aedes aegypti female mosquitoes collected in a rural area in ColombiaPérez-Castro, Rosalía ; Castellanos, Jaime E.; Olano, Victor Alberto ; Matiz, María Inés ; Jaramillo, Juan Felipe ; Vargas, Sandra Lucía ; Sarmiento, Diana ; Stenström, Thor-Axel ; Overgaard, Hans J. 
2016Sputnik from below : space science and public culture in cold war southern AfricaWaetjen, Thembisa 
2016A comparative study of operations of liquids in Barwe and Central ShonaMangoya, Esau ; Gift, Mheta 
2016Institutional Research in South African Higher Education: Framing the Contexts and PracticesBotha, Jan ; Muller, Nicole Jacqueline ; Webber, Karen 
2016Towards a comprehensive model of community-based tourism developmentMtapuri, Oliver ; Giampiccoli, Andrea 
2016Integrating information literacy in the General Education Module at the Durban University Of Technology, South AfricaNeerputh, Shirlene 
2016Community-based and pro-poor tourism: Initial assessment of their relation to community developmentSaayman, Melville ; Giampiccoli, Andrea 
2016Exploring the potential reservoirs of non specific TEM beta lactamase (blaTEM) gene in the Indo-Gangetic region : a risk assessment approach to predict health hazardsSingh, Gulshan ; Vajpayee, Poornima ; Rani, Neetika ; Amoah, Isaac Dennis ; Stenström, Thor-Axel ; Shanker, Rishi 
2016Antibiogram of environmental isolates of Acinetobacter calcoaceticus from Nkonkobe Municipality, South AfricaStenström, Thor-Axel ; Okoh, Anthony I.; Adegoke, Anthony Ayodeji 
2016Multi-dynamics of travelling bands and pattern formation in a predator-prey model with cubic growthDjomegni, Patrick Mimphis Tchepmo ; Duffy, Kevin Jan