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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
9-Mar-2015Quality of life on nocturnal haemodialysis versus duirnal dialysisSingh, Kashka
2005A quantitative analysis of ionising radiation exposure to the hands, thyroid and whole body of orthopaedic registrars at King Edward VIII Hospital during fluoroscopic internal fixation of the lower limbsAbu Shab, Khaled M.
2009A quantitative placebo controlled study of the efficacy of manipulation of acromioclavicular joint dysfunction in weight trainersJordan, Warren Gray
28-May-2014Racial variations of selected thoracic spine radiographic parameters of males in the greater Durban areaGovender, Derusha
2010Radiographic and clinical analyses of scoliosis of adult subjects in the greater Durban areaGajeerajee, Shethal
2015A randomised clinical trial comparing the effectiveness of two exercise programmes on core strength and balance in healthy femalesMavimbela, Nicole 
18-May-2015A randomized clinical trial comparing the effects of two different durations of muscle energy technique on neck pain, trigger points, range of motion and neck disability indexNaidoo, Kerisha
1999A randomized comparative clinical trial of the relative effectiveness of manipulation or manipulation and acupuncture for the treatment of lower back painWhite, Horace Lindsay
2003The reciprocal activity of the ipsilateral gluteus maximus and contralateral latissimus dorsi muscles : its role in unilateral sacroiliac joint syndromeMould, Derek 
2005The relationship between asthma and outdoor air pollutant concentrations of sulphur dioxide (SO2), oxides of nitrogen (NOx), ozone (O3) total reduced sulphates (TRS), carbon monoxide (CO) and respirable particulate matter less than 10 microns (PM10) in learners and teachers at Settlers Primary School in Merebank, south DurbanKistnasamy, Emilie Joy 
2008The relationship between core stability and bowling speed in asymptomatic male indoor action cricket bowlersHilligan, Bruce Kevin
2018The relationship between ergonomics of the office workstation and related musculoskeletal disorders in library administrative staff at the Durban University of TechnologyLevy, Cherise Danielle 
3-Mar-2015A relationship between matriculation English results and academic performance in nursing students at the Kwa-Zulu Natal College of nursingManson, Theresa Anne
2005The relationship between myofascial trigger points, total work and other recorded measurements of the vastus lateralis and vastus medialis, in long-distance runners with patellofermoral pain syndromeDaly, Gail
24-Jul-2014The relationship between postural stability sway, balance, and injury in adolescent female soccer players in the eThekwini district of KwaZulu-NatalKoenig, Jean-Pierre 
5-Mar-2015The relationship between work-related musculoskeletal disorders, absenteeism and visits to the staff clinic by nurses in an eThekwini District hospitalKumalo, Babusisiwe Thandi Evan
2007The relationship of myofascial trigger points of the pericranial musculature and episodic tension-type headacheForsyth, Juliette Faye
2006The relative and combined efficacy of the homoeopathic similimum (taken orally) and the topical application of a lotion (prepared from the homoeopathic mother tinctures of Hypericum perforatum and Calendula officinalis) in the treatment of venous leg ulcersHoffmann, Delia
2007The relative effect of manipulation and core rehabilitation in the treatment of acute mechanical low back pain in sedentary patientsHiggs, Renee Joy
2007The relative effect of manipulation and core rehabilitation in the treatment of acute mechanical lower back pain in athletesCampbell, Jennifer