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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016The effect of spinal manipulation on biceps brachii muscle activityVictor, Aldo 
2002The effect of spinal manipulative therapy to the atlanto-occipital and atlanto-axial articulations on the blood pressure of normotensive Caucasian male subjectsSutherland, Scott Lovell
1999The effect of stretching the hamstring muscles on low back pain in cyclistsPerkin, Jonathan Charles
20-May-2014The effect of the activator adjusting instrument in the treatment of chronic sacroiliac joint syndromeCoetzee, Natasha
2017The effect of thoracic spine manipulation compared to thoracic spine and costovertebral joint manipulation on mechanical mid-back pain at the Durban University of Technology Chiroptractic Day ClinicPetersen, Gabriela Elisa da Silva 
2015The effect of three different cooling gels on acute non-specific low back painPrince, Cleo Kirsty 
2003The effect of three manipulative treatment protocols on quadriceps muscle strength in patients with Patellofemoral Pain SyndromeHillermann, Bernd
2017The effect of three types of strapping on chronic ankle instability syndromeMoti, Harsha 
1999The effect of ultra high dilutions of gibberellic acid on the synthesis of a-amylase in de-embryonated halves of barley seed (Hordeum vulgare stirling)Steele, Richard
1998The effect of various homoeopathic potencies of the antigenic component of a Newcastle disease vaccine on the immune response of broiler chickens to the Newcastle disease vaccineMostert, Ronell
13-Jun-2014The effect of various pillow types on cervico-thoracic and forward head posture in young adultsKarim, Yumna
2002The effectiveness and relative effectiveness of combining a topical capsaicin cream and knee joint mobilization in the treatment of osteoarthritis of the kneeFish, Denham 
2003The effectiveness of a home programme of ischaemic compression compared with self applied ischaemic compression under clinical observation for the treatment of myofascial pain syndrome of the levator scapulae muscleWebb, Quinton
2011The effectiveness of a homoeopathic complex (Caladium seguinum 30CH, Nux vomica 30CH and Staphysagria delphinium 30CH) compared to a tautopathic preparation of the cigarette smoked in the management of nicotine withdrawal syndromeRiggien, Catherine Joy
2008The effectiveness of a homoeopathic complex (Germanium metallicum 30CH, Nux vomica 12CH, Kalium phosphoricum 6CH, Picricum acidum 6CH) in the treatment of job burnout in the human services fieldVaithilingam, Vimlen
2017The effectiveness of a myofascial treatment protocol combined with cryotherapy compared to cryotherapy alone in the treatment of acute and subacute ankle sprainsKahere, Morris 
2018The effectiveness of an electromechanical adjusting instrumental compared to cervical spine manipulation in the treatment of cervicogenic headachesWhittaker, Russell 
2010The effectiveness of an ice pack, a menthol based cooling gel, a menthol based cooling gel with extracts and a placebo gel in the treatment of acute ankle sprainHarper, Shaun Michael
2005The effectiveness of an oral homoeopathic preparation of selenium sulphide 12X in the management of dandruff (seborrheic dermatitis of the scalp)Kent, Keri
2011The effectiveness of combined manipulation and rehabilitation versus rehabilitation only, in the management of chronic ankle instabilityLubbe, Danella