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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2018Secured Power Line Communication based network for advanced metering in Smart GridKhumalo, Zephaniah Philani 
2010Separation processes for high purity ethanol productionNgema, Peterson Thokozani
2000Statistical pattern recognition based on LVQ artificial neural networks : application to TATA box motifWang, Haiyan
1993Stress evaluation of a monolithic refractory concrete rotary calciner lining for Tioxide Southern AfricaIlbury, M. W. 
2017The structural integrity of nanoclay filled epoxy polymer under cyclic loadingChetty, Sathievelli 
2015A study of causes of delay and cost overrun in office construction projects in the eThekwini Municipal Area, South AfricaAdugna, Nafkote Tesfahun 
2003A study of the chemical quality of ambient air at selected intersections in the Durban MetropolisSingh, Shalini 
1990A study to assess the energy savings potential in the ocean going trawler 'Roxana Bank'Fiddler, David Michael 
2002The study to examine the effectiveness of the BoTT approach for water schemes to rural areasMunnery, Vasanthie
2017Synthesis of a model for optimising a potable water treatment plant and water usage analysis in the Ugu DistrictMagombo, James 
2007The synthesis, structure and properties of polypropylene nanocompositesMoodley, Vishnu Kribagaran
2017Systems analysis of the transformation of South African citiesSimelane, Thokozani Silas 
1998Towards a more effective and efficient public transport system : a case studyAllopi, Dhiren 
2009Travel patterns and safety of school children in the eThekwini MunicipalityDhoda, Salma
2014Treatment and reuse of reactive dye effluent from textile industry using membrane technologyChollom, Martha Noro 
2011Use of evaporative coolers for close circuiting of the electroplating processMunsamy, Megashnee 
2011Use of piezoelectric techniques monitoring continuum damage of structuresNhassengo, Sikhulile Khululeka
2005Utilisation of Maqalika Reservoir as a source of potable water for Maseru city in LesothoLetsie, Masupha
2016VLE measurements of ether alcohol blends for investigation on reformulated gasolineBenecke, Travis Pio