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Credit Name
Emmanuel N. Vitus
Full Name
Vitus, Emmanuel N.
King VEN
Emmanuel Nnaemeka Vitus is a Human Resource Professional and Digital Media Researcher with over 10+ years of experience. He is currently working to advance the roles and principles of media peculiarities in assessing fundamental realistic objectives in the ecosystem of developing nations. He is highly skilled in the field of Cybersecurity, Information Technology Security Analysis and Human Resources (HR) Systems Analysis. He then further obtain a bachelor's degree from Obafemi Awolowo University in Local Government and Development Studies. He had a Post-Graduate Diploma in Human resources management from the Chartered Institute of Human Resources Management (CIHRM). He is a Global and SIG member of the Internet Society, Nigeria Chapter with a strong interest for enabling internet access to all developing African countries with an exclusive passion for the propagation of the internet governance forum He is a fellow of the Pan-Africa Youth Ambassadors for Internet Governance (PAYAIG) aims to empower over 1000 African youths. He strongly believes that all digital media researchers must follow due processes in reaffirming Digital Marketing and Internet Governance system. His Interest topic includes Social Policy, Strategic Human Resources Management & Local Administration He has worked as a freelance Video Producer at Upwork and adequately delivered at his best and is also a vibrant Human Resource seller at Fiverrs Freelancing Company where he offers services on human resources management and database management. He is the convener of a monthly virtual editing training (SVET), a project initiated in commemoration of the Youth Day He has contributed positively to the teamwork of various voluntary services and organizations in which he has worked in achieving tremendous results for their progress which gains them both local and international recognitions. Over a decade, He has volunteered with over 20+ organizations including plogging Nigeria and other eco-friendly non-governmental organizations. He has been able to do incredible things for himself and society at large by organizing annual internship. As a young leader, He is dependable in terms of planning, leading, and monitoring activities, as well as attending meetings on a regular basis. Serving as a Welfare Director of His campus, he attained the milestone of developing the first android app for his department, taking up various leadership responsibilities and positions. Emmanuel, is an extremely energetic and determined person who refuses to accept the planet's current catastrophic status.
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