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Semanda, Julius
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
110-Aug-2023The influence of property valuations on real estate investment decisions by businesses in Uganda : a literature gapOkumu, Benon ; Chikafalimani, Samuel Herald Peter ; Moyo, Sibusibo ; Musinguzi, Moses ; Kibwami, Nathan 
210-Aug-2023An investigation of the condition of maintenance of facilities at public primary and high schools in Alfred Nzo East District, Eastern Cape Province South Africa : a literature reviewNqakaza, Bavuyise G. ; Chikafalimani, Samuel Herald Peter 
329-Aug-2023Towards developing a sustainability assessment framework for buildings in Uganda : a literature reviewSemanda, Julius ; Moyo, Sibusiso; Chikafalimani, Samuel Herald Peter ; Kibwani, Nathan