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Adedeji, Jacob Adedayo
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12019Consideration of pavement type service life capacity for sustainable infrastructure development in NigeriaAbejide, Samuel Olugbenga ; Adedeji, Jacob Adedayo ; Mostafa, Mohamed 
226-Apr-2024Evaluating the current state of pedestrian facilities in peri-urban and urban areas : a case study of Pietermaritzburg CityMaseko, Wealthy Tsembile ; Adedeji, Jacob Adedayo ; Bashingi, Ndakhona ; Honiball, James 
322-Sep-2023Inclusivity of ICT based solutions to public transportation problems : challenges and opportunities for BloemfonteinBashingi, Ndakhona ; Adedeji, Jacob Adedayo ; Kumar Das, Dillip ; Mostafa Hassan Mostafa, Mohammed 
4Feb-2023Machine learning for road traffic accident improvement and environmental resource management in the transportation sectorMegnidio-Tchoukouegno, Mireille ; Adedeji, Jacob Adedayo 
522-Mar-2021Reaction behaviour of drivers to marked and unmarked road : Ghana perspectiveAdedeji, Jacob Adedayo ; Feikie, Xoliswa; Dzogbewu, Thywill Cephas ; Mostafa, Mohamed 
62023A study on indirect tensile strength for the determination of resilient modulus of warm mix asphaltKamdem, Ronald Fabrice Pouokam ; Adedeji, Jacob Adedayo ; Mostafa, Mohamed M. Hassan