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Lekhanya, Lawrence Mpele
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12016Critical analysis of entrepreneurial spirit, attitudes and perceptions of young South Africans in KwaZulu-Natal provinceLekhanya, Lawrence Mpele 
22016Critical environmental dynamics : barriers restraining business growth in rural areas of Southern region of KwaZulu-Natal provinceLekhanya, Lawrence Mpele ; Visser, Kobus 
3Nov-2014Critical internal factors influencing the centralization of stock procurement processes in a South African municipalityNzuza, Zwelihle Wiseman ; Lekhanya, Lawrence Mpele 
4Dec-2013Cultural Influence On The Diffusion And Adoption Of Social Media Technologies By Entrepreneurs In Rural South AfricaLekhanya, Lawrence Mpele 
52014Customer service orientation of institutes of higher learning in South Africa: A case study of universities of technologyLekhanya, Lawrence Mpele 
68-Apr-2017Customer’s perception towards product quality of automotive SMEs operating in Metropolitan areas, and consideration of environmental impactLekhanya, Lawrence Mpele ; Dlamini, Henry Lucky 
72016E-Commerce as an instrument of governing SMEs’ marketing strategy in an emerging economyLekhanya, Lawrence Mpele 
82016Environmental Management Accounting (EMA) in the developing economy : a case of the hotel sectorNyide, Celani John ; Lekhanya, Lawrence Mpele 
92016Environmental management accounting practices : major control issuesNyide, Celani John ; Lekhanya, Lawrence Mpele 
10Oct-2015An exploration of the impact of digital marketing on SMEs Growth and brand popularity in rural South AfricaLekhanya, Lawrence Mpele 
112016Governance of the R&D productivity at the research institution based on socio-demographic indicatorsCele, Philisiwe Charity ; Lekhanya, Lawrence Mpele 
122016Governance of the research activities in higher educational institutions: factors and outcomesNgibe, Musawenkosi ; Lekhanya, Lawrence Mpele 
13Mar-2014The impact of viral marketing on corporate brand reputationLekhanya, Lawrence Mpele 
142015Key internal factors affecting the small, medium and micro enterprises (SMMEs) marketing strategies in rural South AfricaLekhanya, Lawrence Mpele 
152015Leadership and corporate governance of small and medium enterprises (SMES) in South AfricaLekhanya, Lawrence Mpele 
162015Leadership and corporate governance of small and medium enterprises (SMES) in South Africa : Public PerceptionsLekhanya, Lawrence Mpele 
17Aug-2014The Level of awareness of green marketing and its managerial implications amongst selected South African manufacturing Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMMEs) in KwaZulu–NatalLekhanya, Lawrence Mpele 
18Mar-2014Perceived effectiveness of municipal financial management on the performance of inventory stock management in local government of South AfricaNzuza, Zwelihle Wiseman ; Lekhanya, Lawrence Mpele 
19Dec-2014Perceived marketing intelligence and marketing communications tools used by rural Small, Medium and Micro Enterprise in South AfricaLekhanya, Lawrence Mpele 
202016Perceptions of research structures and service quality within various faculties at Durban University of Technology: staff and students perspectiveNgibe, Musawenkosi ; Lekhanya, Lawrence Mpele