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Harris, Geoffrey Thomas
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jan-2015Barriers to use of refractive services in MozambiqueThompson, Stephen ; Naidoo, Kovin ; Gonzalez-Alvarez, Carmen ; Harris, Geoffrey Thomas ; Chinanayi, Farai ; Loughman, James 
22014The development of a public optometry system in Mozambique: a cost benefit analysisThompson, Stephen ; Naidoo, Kovin ; Harris, Geoffrey Thomas ; Bilotto, Luigi ; Ferrão, Jorge ; Loughman, James 
32015Economic inequality as a source of interpersonal violence : evidence from sub-Saharan Africa and South AfricaHarris, Geoffrey Thomas ; Vermaak, Claire 
42015Healing from violence: An action research project among survivors of Gukurahundi, ZimbabweNgwenya, Dumisani ; Harris, Geoffrey Thomas 
52015A theory of war economies formation, maintenance and dismantlingLiebenberg, Sybert ; Haines, Richard ; Harris, Geoffrey Thomas