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Giampiccoli, Andrea
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
126-May-2016Are ‘Albergo Diffuso’ and community-based tourism the answers to community development in South Africa?Giampiccoli, Andrea ; Saayman, Melville ; Jugmohan, Sean 
22015Between theory and practice : A conceptualization of community based tourism and community participationGiampiccoli, Andrea ; Mtapuri, Oliver 
3Jan-2015Characteristics and policies of community-based tourism in the case of JamaicaGiampiccoli, Andrea ; Jugmohan, Sean ; Mtapuri, Oliver 
42016Community-based and pro-poor tourism: Initial assessment of their relation to community developmentSaayman, Melville ; Giampiccoli, Andrea 
52015Community-based tourism affinity index: a visitor’s approachGiampiccoli, Andrea ; Jugmohan, Sean ; Mtapuri, Oliver 
62016Community-based tourism and food : towards a relationship frameworkMnguni, Mzobanzi Erasmus ; Giampiccoli, Andrea 
72015Community-based tourism and pro-poor tourism: dissimilar positioning in relation to community developmentSaayman, M. ; Giampiccoli, Andrea 
8Dec-2015Community-based tourism in rich and poor countries : towards a framework for comparisonGiampiccoli, Andrea ; Jugmohan, Sean ; Mtapuri, Oliver 
92015Community-based tourism research in academic journals: a numerical analysisMtapuri, Oliver ; Giampiccoli, Andrea ; Spershott, Claire 
103-Jun-2016Community-based tourism: From a local to a global pushGiampiccoli, Andrea ; Saayman, Melville 
112015Community-based tourism: origins and present trendsGiampiccoli, Andrea 
122015Destination South Africa: comparing global sports mega-events and recurring localised sports events in South Africa for tourism and economic developmentGiampiccoli, Andrea ; Lee, Seungwon ; Nauright, John ; Nauright, John 
132015Diversification and innovation in tourism development strategy : the case of Abu DhabiGiampiccoli, Andrea ; Mtapuri, Oliver 
14Jan-2014Dividing the spoils? Mining and tourism in South AfricaGiampiccoli, Andrea ; Mtapuri, Oliver 
15Jan-2014Dividing the spoils? mining and tourism in South AfricaGiampiccoli, Andrea ; Mtapuri, Oliver 
162016Globalisation and convergence of food taste in the case of South African pizzaBalkaran, Rishi ; Giampiccoli, Andrea ; Mtapuri, Oliver 
17Dec-2014Moving beyond the 3S's—Sun, Sea, and Sand : an interpretation of the Tourism Development Strategy Framework for Abu Dhabi, U.A.EbGiampiccoli, Andrea ; Mtapuri, Oliver 
182014A reformulation of the 3 SS model for community-based tourism : towards an alternative modelMtapuri, Oliver ; Giampiccoli, Andrea 
192015Tourism development in Qatar: towards a diversification strategy beyond the conventional 3 SsGiampiccoli, Andrea ; Mtapuri, Oliver 
202016Towards a comprehensive model of community-based tourism developmentMtapuri, Oliver ; Giampiccoli, Andrea