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Dzwairo, Bloodless
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Apr-2014Class frequency distribution for a surface raw water quality index in the Vaal BasinDzwairo, Bloodless ; Otieno, Fredrick Alfred O. 
22015Data pre-processing for process optimization at a drinking water treatment plant in Ugu District Municipality, South AfricaMagombo, James ; Dzwairo, Bloodless ; Moyo, Sibusiso ; Dewa, Mendon 
35-Dec-2012Ecological functionality of the Upper and Middle Vaal Water Management areasDzwairo, Bloodless ; Otieno, Fredrick Alfred O. ; Ochieng, George M.
42015Ecosystem-specific water quality indicesRangeti, Innocent ; Dzwairo, Bloodless ; Barratt, Graham James ; Otieno, Fredrick Alfred O. 
519-Nov-2012The impact of pricing of raw water on cost of treatment and ultimately on the cost of potable waterOtieno, Fredrick Alfred O. ; Dzwairo, Bloodless 
62010Integrating quality and cost of surface raw water : upper and middle Vaal water management areas South AfricaDzwairo, Bloodless ; Otieno, Fredrick Alfred O. 
722-Apr-2010Making a case for systems thinking approach to integrated water resources management (IWRM)Dzwairo, Bloodless ; Otieno, Fredrick Alfred O. ; Ochieng, George M.
82015Microbiological water quality along Vaal Gamagara‚Äôs potable water distribution systemMokhosi, Agnes ; Dzwairo, Bloodless 
92015Postgraduate critical mass for sustainable development : experiences from Durban University of TechnologyChule, Siyabonga Goodwill ; Dzwairo, Bloodless ; Moyo, Sibusiso 
1018-Apr-2011Towards a more sustainable surface raw water tariff structure in the Vaal basin : a situational analysisDzwairo, Bloodless ; Otieno, Fredrick Alfred O. ; Ochieng, George M.