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Kumar, Bhajanthri Natesh
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
130-Jan-2016Analysis of lubricating grease by ICP-OES : a case study on preparation methodologyMarume, Cathrine ; Kumar, Bhajanthri Natesh ; Redhi, Gan G. 
218-Jul-2016Ionic liquid based high performance electrochemical sensor for ascorbic acid in various foods and pharmaceuticalsKumar, Bhajanthri Natesh ; Arumugam, Vasanthakumar ; Chokkareddy, R. ; Redhi, Gan G. 
32016Spectrophotometric determination of Cadmium(II) in water and soil samples using Schiff's basesKumar, Bhajanthri Natesh ; Kumar, S. Himagirish ; Redhi, Gan G.