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Nov-2016A cluster network based distributed resource management scheme for OBS networksPule, Beverley ; Nleya, Bakhe ; Mutsvangwa, Andrew 
1-Sep-2019Energy-aware lightpath routing algorithm for optical transport networksGomba, Ndadzibaya Masimba; Nleya, Bakhe; Dewa, Mendon; Mutsvangwa, Andrew ; Khumalo, Zephaniah Philani 
2017Energy-efficient PLIA-RWA algorithms for transparent optical networksMutsvangwa, Andrew 
Mar-2018Enhanced congestion management for minimizing network performance degradation in OBS networksNleya, Bahke ; Mutsvangwa, Andrew 
2016Evaluation of end-to-end latency for segmented bursts in OBS networksMutsvangwa, Andrew ; Nleya, Bahke ; Gomba, Ndadzibaya Masimba ; Ngeama, Ndunga 
Aug-2020Evaluation of wavelength congestion in transparent optical transport networksGomba, Ndadzibaya Masimba ; Nleya, Bakhe ; Mutsvangwa, Andrew ; Chidzonga, Richard F. 
1-Sep-2019Intermediate node buffering-based contention minimization schemeKhumalo, Philani; Nleya, Bakhe; Mutsvangwa, Andrew 
Aug-2020Quality of transmsision aware routing and wavelength assignment algorithm for blocking minimization in translucent optical networksKhumalo, Philani; Nleya, Bakhe; Mutsvangwa, Andrew ; Chidzonga, Richard
2015A secured access control architecture consideration for PLC based smart gridsMooketsio, Thsepiso ; Nleya, Bakhe ; Dewa, Mendon ; Mutsvangwa, Andrew 
Dec-2018Services and applications security in IoT enabled networksKhumalo, Zephaniah Philani; Nleya, Bakhe; Gomba, Ndadzibaya Masimba ; Mutsvangwa, Andrew 
2016A smart grid based algorithm for improving energy efficiency of large scale cooperating distributed systemsNleya, Bakhe ; Mutsvangwa, Andrew ; Dewa, Mendon