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Title: Adoption and adaptation of rhetorical devices in South African Pentecostal churches
Authors: Adebayo, Rufus Olufemi 
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: African Association for Rhetoric
Source: Adebayo, R.O. 2018. Adoption and adaptation of rhetorical devices in South African Pentecostal churches. African Journal of Rhetoric. 10(1): 39-64.
Abstract: Adoption of rhetorical devices is evident in the preaching of contemporary Pentecostal churches in Durban, South Africa. Rhetorical devices and shrewd unconventionality, which place a twist on those devices adopted, are frequently found in contemporary sermons and preaching activities, but categories of rhetoric suitable for preaching (homiletics) remain as yet unidentified. Arguably, preaching or sermons can be seen as religiously-motivated campaigns or discourses, while professional communication can be seen as persuasive communication towards social or communicative engagement. This article investigates the adoption and adaptation of rhetorical devices which influence preaching and communication and follows from an understanding of professional communication and sacred rhetoric. The paper reports issues surrounding the perceived adaptation of rhetoric in enhancing preacher’s sermons and the dissemination of religious discourse to congregants. A qualitative analysis was used to identify those categories of rhetorical device suitable for both Biblical preaching and professional communication. The findings indicate that rhetorical devices are productive features in sermons and professional communication, and their use signifies a movement towards the communication of two fundamentals: body and spirit. A qualitative analysis shows that in the field of professional communication communicators adapt professionalism in their discourse with mind and body, whilst across sacred communication, preachers adopt emotions and spirituality.
ISSN: 1998-2054
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