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Title: Physicochemical properties of honey samples from Ondo state, Nigeria, and their bioactivity against spoilage and pathogenic organisms
Authors: Omoya, Funmilola Oluyemi
Ijabadeniyi, Oluwatosin Ademola 
Ogonnoh, Olayemi Bosede
Keywords: Bioactivity;Honey;Physicochemical;Food spoilage organisms;Antibiotics
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: WFL Publisher
Source: Omoya, F. O.; Ijabadeniyi, O. A. and Ogonnoh, O. B. 2014. Physicochemical properties of honey samples from Ondo state, Nigeria, and their bioactivity against spoilage and pathogenic organisms. Journal of Food Agriculture and Environment. 12(3&4) : 104-107.
Journal: International journal of food, agriculture and environment (Print) ItemCrisRefDisplayStrategy.journals.deleted.icon
Abstract: Honey can be defined as the natural sweet substance produced by honeybees (Apis mellifera) from the nectar of blossoms or from the secretion of living parts of plant or plant sucking insects living on parts of plants. The medicinal property of honey has been an area of interest to researchers in recent times. This study focused on assessing the physicochemical components of honey samples and their bioactivity on some food spoilage organisms. One hundred samples of honey were collected from different locations in Ondo state, Nigeria. Their physicochemical components which include conductivity, ash content, moisture content, pH, mineral contents and colour were determined. There was variation in the physicochemical components of some of the honey samples with reference to international standards. The assessment of the honey samples as an antibacterial agent revealed it inhibitory potency on both bacteria and fungi isolated from food sample. The inhibitory effect was compared with that of standard antibiotic. The honey samples were seen to display a higher inhibitory effect on the tested organisms than the employed antibiotic.
ISSN: 1459-0255
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