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1987An investigation into the development of a portable, ultrasonic, density measuring instrumentHulse, Nigel Douglas
1988Credibility of the photographic image : a study in photojournalism, seeing and believingLyle, Malcolm Leonard 
1989The design of digital signal processing electronics for a steel wire ropetesting instrumentNair, Dhavan
1990The development of a hand-held direction finderAtkinson, John Kevin 
1990A study to assess the energy savings potential in the ocean going trawler 'Roxana Bank'Fiddler, David Michael 
1991Preaging techniques as a means of stabilising thermoelectric drift in nickel-chromium/nickel-aluminium thermocouples for use in an aluminium heat treating furnaceHart, Roderick William Wenham
1992Factors affecting brinelling and its detection in cylindrical roller element bearingsSmith, Brian Holman
1992A food qualification at Technikon Natal : influential factors : an attitudinal survey of standard nine pupils' perception of the status of studying at Technikon Natal for a diploma in the food fieldJames, Irene Hildegarde
1992A study to identify a feasible route for the production of the monomer 2-vinylfuran from furan by evaluating the effect of variables on the final yield and to recommend suitable conditions applicable to the chemical industryGengan, Robert Moonsamy 
1993Stress evaluation of a monolithic refractory concrete rotary calciner lining for Tioxide Southern AfricaIlbury, M. W. 
1993The development, use and evaluation of self instruction material for the numerical methods section of Mathematics II as taught to Technikon studentsHunter, William Gerard 
1993The evaluation of the applicability of using gold plating to enhance the predictability and strength of base metal post ceramic gold solder joints when using a flux that does not discolour the porcelainWaddell, John Neil
1993An analysis of some problem areas facing first year typing technology students at technikons, with particular reference to Technikon Mangosuthu, and suggestions for their resolutionBotha, Martina Alfreda
1994Medical laboratory technology in the Republic of South Africa : beyond 2000Winchester, Carolyn Margaret
1994The effects of music therapy in conjunction with chiropractic management of muscle tension headachesDa Silva, Kendrah Leontine
1994Development of an interface monitor to operate over a data transmission lineCrankshaw, Brett Robert 
1994The influence of homoeopathic simillimum on raised blood lead and urine porphyrin concentrations in lead chemical company employeesAlexander, Karen
1994The role of essential oils in the management of mechanical low back painLuders, Regina Gertrude 
1994The homoeopathic treatment of chronic sinusitisSengpiehl, Monika
1994Positive or negative x-axis rotation of the innominate as a cause of a functional leg length inequalityPeers, Anthony Victor