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11-Dec-2019Anaerobic treatment of slaugterhouse wastewater: evaluating operating conditionsChollom, Martha Noro; Rathilal, Sudesh; Swalaha, Feroz M. ; Bakare, Babatunde F. ; Tetteh, Emmanuel K. 
3-Apr-2019Application of organic coagulants in water and wastewater treatmentTetteh, Emmanuel Kweinor; Rathilal, Sudesh
6-Mar-2018Fouling and cleaning in osmotically driven membranesChollom, Martha Noro; Rathilal, Sudesh
11-Oct-2019Fouling control in a woven fibre microfiltration membrane for water treatmentChollom, Martha Noro; Rathilal, Sudesh; Pikwa, Kumnandi; May, Lingham 
15-Feb-2019Optimization of photo-catalytic degradation of oil refinery wastewater using Box-Behnken designTetteh, Emmanuel Kweinor; Naidoo, Bisetty Dushen ; Rathilal, Sudesh
Mar-2019Response surface optimization of oil refinery wastewater treatment processRathilal, Sudesh; Tetteh, Emmanuel Kweinor
25-Apr-2019Treatment of water and wastewater for reuse and energy generation-emerging technologiesTetteh, Emmanuel Kweinor; Rathilal, Sudesh; Chetty, Maggie; Armah, Edward Kwaku ; Asante-Sackey, Dennis